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Wedding, family and brand photography by Nikki Terra
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Hi, I’m Nikki!

I am a mum of two gorgeous crazy red heads and a music loving, dancing queen. I love anything to do with creating art… no matter what it is! I live with my two kids Jimmy and Alyce and our two rabbits, Lillie and Rosie. We live in a beautiful part of Hampshire close to beaches and the South Downs.

Photography, although my job, is still a hobby. I photograph my children in all different places and that fills my with absolute joy. Theatre trips with my friends to see the ballet or show, music concerts and festivals, rearranging my plants around the house (and geez, there’s so many of them) so that I get to see them all. The garden is a love of mine, flowers and planning where stuff is going to get planted, watching my fruit and veg grow and nurturing it.

My fave things include Indian food, anything to do with plants, booking trips to parts of the UK we haven’t experienced yet, MacDonald’s chicken nuggets, Notting Hill with a glass of red and a blankey, and anything to do with Harry Potter.

How I got into photography

I have been photographing families and weddings now for nine years.

I have a massive love for capturing connection between people. I could sit in a park all day and watch the interactions between people and recreating everyday moments between you and your family and loved ones, is one of my favourite parts of what I do.

For families it’s those moments that happen that you don’t see, because you are in the moment….cuddles and tickling, playing, swinging and spinning til you are super dizzy, tender touches between couples, connection through touch and sight….

With my wedding photography, there is somewhat a more formal process to it but only for the group photos, everything else is still very natural and emotive and that’s how I see you and it’s those moments you will cherish for a lifetime.

My fave things

My kids

Art and crafts


My fave things


My kids


My inspiration

My son Jimmy is my hero and motivation. He has Cerebral Palsy and epilepsy but won’t let anything limit him or get in his way. His resilience and strength to power through is outstanding. When he was born, the experience and trauma that I went through that led to his disability, opened my eyes to what life means to me, what do I want out of it and it was then that I turned my hobby into my job and get to do what I love everyday and my list of ‘things I want to do and experience’ has been getting a satisfying tick next to it ever since.

Alyce is a smaller version of me but she has an unbelievable intuitive grace that you can’t help but get completely absorbed in. She is my spirit animal and one day, I hope to grow up to be just like her. Alyce and I love painting and creating and I especially have a love for abstract acrylic painting, I have a few creations displayed around the house.

Something else that is close to my heart is a charity I work for, Remember my Baby, as a volunteer photographer. The charity provides remembrance photography for families before, during or after the passing of their little one. My son was born in an emergency, was wasn’t breathing and was resuscitated. It was touch and go for a while and we spent a long time in hospital after. I am so grateful for the day I got to take him home and start our lives together and sadly, for so many, that isn’t the experience. Every family and baby I meet hold a special place in my heart.