Wedding Photography In Portsmouth

Discover the beauty of seaside wedding photography in Portsmouth with stunning backdrops and romantic settings.

If you’re planning a wedding at The Square Tower in Portsmouth, you’ll love this wedding for inspiration!

Jess and Alex got married at The Square Tower, which is among the earliest fortifications built in Portsmouth with sea views. It was a gorgeous day and even the weather played ball!

The wedding

They decorated the area with Bunting displaying all of their travel photos, which I loved! They had a gorgeous string quartet playing before and after teh ceremony which was such a lovely addition to the ceremony part of the day.

The reception was laid back and cosy at The Still & West – I love this venue because It’s walking distance from the Square Tower. Weddings at The Square Tower are amazing, because the surroundings are completely stunning.

Jess, Alex and their guests walked from the ceremony venue to the reception venue! No taxis or transport to worry about! This also made for awesome photos and gave us a chance to get some ‘just the couple’ shots in to which included a little trip to the place Alex proposed.

Why The Square Tower is a great place to get married

The Square Tower is perfect for anyone who loves the seaside, and is one of the most unique places to get married in Portsmouth. The venue offers an amazing atmosphere for a wedding – and there are so many beautiful spots that are perfect for photos.

Capturing the Magic of the Seaside

Seaside wedding photography in Portsmouth is all about capturing the magic of the historical, seaside town and the beauty of the surrounding landscape. The rolling waves, the salty breeze, and the soft sand create a romantic and ethereal atmosphere that is perfect for capturing intimate moments between couples.

Southsea offers so many lovely and unique venues for weddings and receptions. The seafront offers gorgeous sunsets, views, iconic scenery and just a general feeling of joy. AND, the funfair. If you were a regular funfair visitor as a child (or, even now) there is such a nostalgic feeling about it. 

Planning your Portsmouth Wedding??

If you’re planning a wedding at The Square Tower, get in touch!


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