I hope you all had a wonderful, relaxing Christmas and New year.

It was never going to be our usual or expected time of year, but I hope you got some down time to spend with the people that you could and made it just as wonderful if not for others, but for yourself.

Soooooooooooooooooooooo……. Christmas and New year are the prime motivation for engagements. The festive moods, time off work and a general slow down is great at getting people excited but for this year, I feel like we have really learnt a lot about ourselves, our wants from this life and priorities.

So hands up, who popped the question?

Gahhhhhhh I love a good proposal story me, such a soppy romantic over here!

When you start thinking about how your wedding might look, one of the first things that will help you picture what your day could look and feel like, is by doing some window shopping for your photographer.

A Little Heads Up  

Due to Covid, many couples and photographers were faced with rescheduling wedding days, this has made every wedding photographer’s 2021 and 2022 incredibly busy! Many Photographers would have already been booking into 2021 before Covid arrived, so if there is a photographer you love, get in there quick before they get snapped up!

There are so many Wedding Photographers, I don’t know what I am looking for?

When you start your window shopping for your dream photographer, there will be A LOT of photographer’s websites to look through, you know why? BECAUSE WE HAVE THE BEST BLOODY JOB IN THE WORLD and so many people love working and want to work within the wedding and creative industry!

Firstly, you should be looking at their work and loving the style, feel, colour and connection that is captured.

Secondly, do they cover what you want from your photography? If it’s not stated on their website, just drop them a message, doesn’t mean it’s not possible!

Arrange a video call with them or a face to face meeting. Do you connect with them? Do you feel like you could work well together? Do you love what they do and how they do it? Photographers are the only suppliers (other than your venue) that will literally be with you all the day long.

If you have specifics like, you want to use smoke grenades, you are a 2 day wedding, you want elegant night photography, your getting married at sunset on a remote island…..And can they meet your requirements. You would love to have your day videoed to, do they work with a videographer or can they recommend one? Get all this info upfront!

Ask about Insurance!

Do they have a plan B for just-in-cases?

There are so many important questions you need to consider and a photographers FA on their website will tell you most things you might want to know.

How Do I work?

Every photographer will have a different way of working. It’s important that you feel confident AND comfortable with the person that’s going to be documenting your day and essentially, will be spending all day with you.

My style is candid with all those important formal shots. I want to capture your day, exactly as it happens giving you a view of how the story of the day unfolded from a perspective other than your own. Those loving looks between you and your partner, proud and touching moments between family members and yourselves, the hilarious moments, the details. You will feel all the emotion when you look back at your photographs, the excitement, those anxious fluttery moments.

I want to create the arty photographs for you to. The iconic portraits, statement pieces, let your creative mind run wild with the endless possibilities of creation.

What’s Your booking Process?

The process of booking me as your photographer starts with a friendly chat over video or face to face depending on the restrictions at the time or area that you live. We all have busy lives and a lot of my couples like to book a zoom call and we chat over a drink on an evening. We talk about plans you have so far, venue, any key specifics and generally get to know a little about each other.

Then you guys go away and have a chat and if I am to be the lucky photographer who gets to photograph your most wonderful day, then all you need to do is let me and I can put your date in my dairy!

If you want to chat to me about your wedding day…..then just drop me a message 🙂




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