If you have been following this little biz of mine for a while, you may realise that I photograph all of my people either outside on location or in their natural environment (home).


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I love watching my families and couples connect with each other and the outside during our sessions. The space gives everyone enough space to be able to be themselves, explore and feel safe with each other without me being to close with a camera. I love capturing the real, raw and emotion.

Being outside gives people that freedom and with an entire year worth of seasons, golden hours, sunrises, fields, beaches, forests and blooms, there is so much to choose form when thinking about your family portraits!

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The same as when I photograph people in their homes, this is how I photograph my gorgeous new-born babies, no posing or props but in their cozy homes, in their parents’ arms, surrounded by older siblings or grandparents, capturing the details of their delicate, little features and being embraced by parents.

Equally, I also do many home shoots for couples who want to document laid back and chilled images of them in their home or families with older children are quite fond of a document day where they bake, run around like loons, bouncing on the bed, all those fun things you do together that you often think to your self after ‘I wish I had that on camera’. Documenting milestones in the places where they happened.

newborn photography nikki legg photography newborn photography nikki legg photography

Why is it important?

Looking at photographs can be incredibly powerful. A lot of people can remember the smell of their partners scent, the way their baby’s skin felt when touching their hand as I carefully move around capturing precious moments, the amount of loud laughter that poured out of the kids during their beach session, the way the forest sounded as we walked through finding the perfect spots with the best autumn leaves to throw.

family photography nikki legg photography family photography nikki legg photography family photography nikki legg photography

This is what I am creating, memories. The photograph itself giving you all of those instance reminders of that day and those moments and then your mind is flooded with the warmth of it.

It’s never just a photograph.

And I could never do it any other way.

Natural, authentic, raw and filled with the love and warmth you hold for each other.


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