Hi All!

I hope your week is treating you all well so far!

My little girl went back to pre-school this week. She is starting big girl school in September and she was desperate to see her friends again, she is the only one starting at a school none of her friends are going to, she’s excited but also a little sad that she has missed this time with her friends. I hope whatever challenges you may have been presented with this week have gone smoothly, I was very happy to welcome a little bit of normality back to our lives and my boy is enjoying a some little sister free time to.

As of June, my outdoor session are back! Being predominantly an out door photographer I am super lucky that I get to go back to doing what I love, outside, with one of my absolute favourite lenses to make sure we keep that 2 meters between us.

I really love getting outside with my clients and having beautiful backdrops but I also really love my lifestyle sessions in your home! Sadly, these will have to take a back seat until the guidance says otherwise but I look forward to getting to those when it’s safe.

So I am going to be spending a lot of time with my zoom lens for a bit! Any location is welcome and during summer, the popular locations are the beach, fields and woodlands. There are some truly beautiful spots throughout Hampshire and during lock down, I have discovered even more on my outings with the Family.


Do you know what I really love about outdoor sessions? The open space firstly, gives you space to create authentic moments without me being all up in your face with a camera and in the current situation, the space is ideal! I love the sense of connection that is created when you guys are out in the environment and I love to include aspects of the environment in your pictures. All of the gorgeous colours that come with each different season and seeing you guys dressed to match them.

It’s really important to me that I have a little insight to you and your family before I photograph you. Your kids nickname’s, favourite toy or character, your partners interests and likes and yours to! Things you all find funny and things that some maybe sensitive to. My little boy is sensitive to certain smells and I would like to know stuff like this to make your experience as positive and as awesome as I can.


I want to create pictures where you can see the personalities of everyone in them beaming out!

My sessions are designed to be relaxed and fun, no awkward posing and no constant looking at the camera smiling. Just real moments created by you and your loved ones.

                                   All pre session consultations to chat about your session and for me to get to know you and your loved ones is over a video call or phone call, which ever you prefer.

                                                                                                                                                                           family portrait session




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