Choosing the perfect scent to wear on your wedding day is important.


Scent is truly the king of all senses. When you smell freshly baked bread and it makes you remember baking bread with your grandma or smelling a new-born baby and it gives you a beautiful image in your mind of when your little ones were babies, or a niece, or a nephew…The familiar smell of your partner, maybe a perfume they wore on a special day or a holiday and it creates fond memories to flood your mind.

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This is why your wedding scent is important.

When you catch that same smell after your wedding day, it’s going to bring back beautiful memories from your super special day!

And it’s not just about the perfume either of you wear.

The scent from the flowers, the scent that fills the room during bridal prep, the scent during the ceremony, it all adds to triggering wonderful memories form your wedding day!

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You could even combine scents for different parts of the day and different areas. Bigger spaces are great for spreading floral aromas while candles and diffusers are gorgeous additions to smaller, more intimate spaces.

Emma South, Jo Malone’s fragrance expert suggests lightly spritzing a linen spray over napkins and the tablecloth to lift the scent of the candles and flowers with the reception area.

You can use scented candles, flowers, and diffusers, having them placed throughout your venue, powder rooms, bridal suite, bridesmaids and groomsmen rooms, parents’ suites.

You won’t be creating this just for yourself, it creates a special gift for everyone present!

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Imagine giving a loved one a special candle or a bouquet of flowers as a gift after the wedding, that matches your signature scent for the day, and giving them that gift of instant wonderful feelings that were first created on your wedding day!

What scents go well together?

The main scent families are, citrus, floral, mint, spice, wood and herb. Combing two or three together will be super complimentary to each other.


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